Worriedaboutsatan kick off Season 3 of DUGA 3 with exclusive guest mix!

Mancunian duo worriedaboutsatan, pioneers of atmospheric Electronica since the heady days of 2006, have recently hooked up with mysterious Northern quartet DUGA 3 and produced the gnarliest of guest mixes. Keeping it Northern.

The 30 minute mix kicks off the brand new season from DUGA 3, with seven more episodes to follow, each with their own super-duper special guest attached!

The collaborative project between a group of Manchester creatives, DUGA 3 looks to bring a refreshed approach to modern radio broadcasts. The fortnightly online broadcasts consist of four individual shows, all bought together in one eclectic two hour format. Each quarter of the broadcast presents a different insight into the individual heads of each host. Remember that show ZZZAP!? It’s like that but without the visuals, ya dig?

DUGA 3 is now two seasons deep, with all eight original episodes streaming in full via Mixcloud. Season two introduced the guest mixes, with the collaboration amped up and the hive expanded, featuring guest mixes from the likes of Perfume Advert, Dan Wild-Beesley (ex-Cleft), Tom Hudson (Pulled Apart By Horses) and JONA SUL.

With the third season now in full swing, worriedaboutsatan provided some insight into their colloboration with DUGA 3:

“We got asked by DUGA 3 to do a mix for their up-coming series, and so being fans of weird stuff like Ukranian antenna towers, we decided to give it a go. We don’t do a massive amount of mixes, but always enjoy it when we do, so we thought we’d piece together some of our favourite current listening for the mix, which ranges from rumbling americana, abstract electronica and slo-mo bass music. We should have a 10” coming later in the year courtesy of Deathwaltz Originals, but details are a bit vague at the moment. Basically, just keep your eyes peeled. We’re also on tour in October, so it’d be nice to see lots of faces at those shows!

Listen to Episode one of Season 3 below and be sure to keep an eye out for Episode 2 on July 30th!

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