Album Review: She The Throne – She The Throne

Review from Ben Forrester

I do love a good DIY collective and This City Is Ours are one of Manchester’s finest. The collective has done an amazing job of championing a whole host of futuristic projects and producers over the past 6 years or so and have put on some killer nights in the city, putting out some equally killer records. I’m extremely excited to tuck into this brand new release to come from within the collective, as it’s a project that has come out of nowhere and its elusiveness has definitely sparked some intrigue.

She The Throne only announced themselves to the world earlier this month and today release their debut self-titled record. Having heard a snippet of the record a few weeks back in the form of the brooding 80’s synth pop of ‘Sometimes My Arms Bend Back‘, my intrigue has only heightened.

The record begins with ‘Rust Part 1’ and ‘…Part 2‘, which instantly draws you into the centre of an unsettling scene of vintage synth rumbles and lo-fi spoken word samples that has this very cinematic feel. If you like your horror movie soundtracks, this will certainly be up your street as this has a very John Carptener like feel. What then twists the plot is the introduction of these beautiful, swirling vocals that bring colour and harmony to an otherwise dark and eerie backdrop. It’s like being in this beautiful nightmare and as the track concludes to a rise of arpeggiated synth whirls, you can’t help but feel fully absorbed into this unique state of mind that the duo lull you into.

The aforementioned Sometimes My Arms Bend Back concludes the first side of this two sided cassette release and offers a more straight up song structure. Tribal drums, squelching synth bass and delay heavy vocals swim around your head to create an almost dreamy effect, but there is still this sense of darkness that lurks beneath this track that says – this isn’t over.

The second side of the record offers a more meditative and dreamy tone as it starts off as a gentle ambient influenced passage before building into this glitchy yet glittering piece of electro that is ‘White Tiger‘ to move through waves of the beautifully textured synthesiser soundcapes that complete this incredibly affecting and moving piece.

She The Throne is an extremely immersive listening experience. There is such a sense of intricacy that flows through this record and you can’t help but feel engulfed by the textures and timbres that the duo incorporate to create this other worldly state. Honestly, put some good headphones in, turn the lights off and let the darkness hypnotise you into seeing its colourful sonic splendour.

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