Exclusive: Listen to ‘Forget About It’ taken from ‘Life’s A Beach’ – The debut EP from Death by Shotgun

With British summertime near enough a distant memory, it’s a relief to have Bournemouth’s Death By Shotgun on hand to announce their impending sun-soaked debut EP ‘Life’s A Beach’.

The five track EP, due for release September 1st through box fresh Southampton DIY label Suicide Notes, comes from Gun Shy drummer Dom Wright. Keeping it in the family, the new label is backed by Josh Bannister (Gun Shy, ex-Milk Teeth) who will be releasing the debut EP digitally and on cassette. Pre-order yourself a copy here.

Discussing the production of their debut EP, Dom had this to say:
Matt and I recorded this at the Ranch Production House with our friend Daly George who made us sound actually good. We played all the instruments on the record ourselves minus the shredding lead line in one of the tracks that Daly actually played himself. We sort of wrote a lot of the parts whilst in the studio as we both previously had just played the songs on our acoustic guitars. We are really looking forward to people hearing it and excited to be working with Josh at Suicide Notes for this release!!

In even more wonderful news, Birthday Cake For Breakfast is pleased as punch to present the exclusive first listen of lead single ‘Forget About It’ below – a huge dose of nostalgia with its anthemic, sing along chorus and summery pop hooks! But don’t take our word for it – here’s Dom’s take:

‘Forget About It’ is about when you do something you regret or someone does something that hurts you and you can’t stop thinking about it. It’s also about a bunch of other stuff that was going on at the time of writing it. People can take what they like from it and hopefully have a bloody good time whilst listening to it!

Listen to Forget About It below and keep your eyes peeled for more from Death By Shotgun!

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