Album Review: Anna Burch – Quit The Curse

Review from Jay Stansfield

Anna is totally cool from the off. It’s like opening up a nostalgic portal into an alternate dimension. ‘2 Cool 2 Care’ is like a cross between Pavement and Beach House and Anna’s gorgeous, creamy vocals wash over it like the finest luxury soap you could wish for. Lush harmonies and almost 50’s electric guitar tromping through a bunch of major 7’s is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Tea-Soaked Letter’ is a gorgeously upbeat tune, with amazing production and some delicate nods to The Beatles and even Cornelius in there. It’s a real foot-tapping treat worth every beat and ends a bit like Foo Fighters might have sounded if they were all femme fatales.

Asking 4 A Friend’ could almost be a Frankie Cosmos tune if it weren’t for the distinctive vocals and almost early Genesis electric guitar solos jabbing through it, like Elliott Smith in a 90’s BritPop era Indie band.

There’s something deliciously attractive about the extended vocal notes of Anna Burch and the title track ‘Quit The Curse’ throws some lovely harmonies at us through a ballad of jangling guitars, with an air of The Cranberries about it at times, which is no bad thing. It ends with a real stop and lets ‘Belle Isle’ come meandering in, wearing a Country & Western hat and playing a lap steel guitar. It even has some ghostly Connie Francis echoes in the backing instruments, which is nice.

In Your Dreams’ is a bit Stereolab/post-rock and with its reverberated guitars and chunky bobbing toms, it sits nicely halfway through the album. Even though it feels a little less considered than the other tracks on the album, it’s still a simple and inoffensive pop tune.

What I Want’ and ‘Yeah You Know’ are very similar sounding songs with a fantastic wink to Grandaddy. In fact, if Grandaddy covered Yeah You Know, you’d be forgiven for thinking Jason Lytle penned it in his living room.

Finishing the album, ‘With You Every Day’ is a fitting finale to a very pleasant, appealing and well-produced album full of charm, beautiful lyrics and eclectic styles, all sewn together with Anna’s voice. No curses here, Captain!

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