Album Release Rundown – A.A. Williams, Blood Red Shoes and The Yacht Club

It’s been an unbelievably strong start to 2019 on the new music front and the final week of January does not disappoint. Here is our rundown of the best records released this week – January 25th. These three picks are all released through amazing independent labels that you can find on the web and in selected stores. Please support your local record store or pick up a copy online!

Blood Red Shoes – ‘Get Tragic’ (Jazz Life)

Having spent well over a decade pushing the boundaries of a two-piece rock band, Blood Red Shoes needed a break. On their return, the Brighton formed duo decided to approach the band from a new angle. Their fifth album ‘Get Tragic‘ has all the blueprints that make BRS such a treasured rock act, but this time they’re covered it in an electro-pop sheen. Synth bass seductiveness and sassed out vocals lead the way as the duo bring the groove, ramp up the hooks and sound like they’re having the most fun doing it.

With massive pop bangers like ‘Mexican Dress‘ and ‘Howl‘ bringing a new sense of swagger into their step, glittery electro ballad ‘Find My Own Remorse‘ flips everything you know about this band upside down in a totally stunning way. Self reflection and doubt are weaved into the fabric of ‘Get Tragic‘ and understandably so as this is a story of discovery and reinvention. But ultimately, triumph and defiance win the battle to create a massive FUCK YEAH of a comeback!

The Yacht Club – ‘The Last Words That You Said To Me Have Kept Me Here and Safe’ (Beth Shalom Records)

Following a few well received EP releases, London based quartet The Yacht Club are ready to reveal their debut album. Although this band have always written very honestly and personally, this is an album that deals directly with grieving and dark mental health issues, but with it they inject a lot of fond reflection and hope. The vocal work is brimming with conviction, from finely tuned vocal leads, soaring three part harmonies and of course, the chest-swelling gang vocals that scream out the title of closing track ‘Be Happy and Love‘.

Musically it combines a shed load of twiddly guitars, math style time changes and super strength indie pop sensibilities. Although it reminds me a lot of the current American Emo and Indie Rock crop, there is something very British about The Yacht Club, which is why fans of bands like TTNG and itoldyouiwouldeatyou will be well into this. All in all, this is a well put together debut full of sharp musicianship and heart warming songs.

A.A. Williams – S/T EP (Holy Roar)

A.A. Williams is a brand new artist for 2019. Having released teaser tracks late last year, the London based singer/songwriter is here to unveil her debut release. Opening track ‘Cold‘ sets the tone for the EP, with a bewildering blend of folk and post-rock that sounds like Mogwai jamming to an early Cat Power record. The other tracks follow suit, with haunting yet warming vocal melodies and soaring guitar work that create an atmosphere that is both tense and beautiful.

Although there is a consistency throughout the EP, final track ‘Belong‘ really steals the show. Bringing a huge crescendo of crashing drums, massive guitar sounds soaked in reverb and of course these really affecting vocal harmonies, this is definitely the sound of an artist with a fully realised sound. This is an extremely accomplished debut and will act as the most perfect winter soundtrack.

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