Hey, have you heard about…Roxy Girls

What a week it’s been, eh? Sunderland’s The Futureheads announced their return and in the blink of an eye, plans for a new record and a run of UK dates!

When the news broke, I was instantly transported back to 2004-2005, days I remember fondly. I was working in a fast-food establishment at the time (not that part) and earning the required funds to purchase the newest albums, to be played on a giant CD Walkman (where you could listen to just the one CD at a time – one which might be stuck on there depending how much space you had in your bag…) From Bloc Party’sSilent Alarm’ to ‘Lullabies To Paralyze‘, with the S/T Futureheads debut being a constant.

Whilst they were away, there’s been another bunch of young Mackems who’ve caught my attention, bringing to mind those heady days in the early noughties and discovering that other quartet of noisy young Mackems. With a vocal very reminiscent of Barry Hyde and with a nod to that frantic, jangly off-beat post-punk approach, let’s introduce you to Roxy Girls – well worth your time.

Their first EP came out early last year and they’re currently putting together their next release. David Brewis – he of Field Music fame – is putting the new record together as we speak! Keeping it all in the (Sunderland) family!

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