Live Review: Blood Red Shoes at Soup Kitchen in Manchester 30 January 2019

Blood Red Shoes have had it pretty tough these past few years. Dealing with personal mishaps as well as having a bucket load of industry bullshit thrown their way, the future wasn’t looking so bright for Laura-Mary and Steven. But by taking the band in a new direction and bringing a new attitude into proceedings, Blood Red Shoes have emerged victorious with their brilliant new LP ‘Get Tragic‘.

Tonight we’re in Soup Kitchen, a slightly smaller venue than the band are used too, but all part of a short UK club tour in support of the album. The sassy, electro tinged stylings of their latest effort definitely fit the dark yet neon lit basement of the Soup Kitchen and naturally, the show is sold out and the room is buzzing.

Joined by members of 2:54 and Tigercub, Blood Red Shoes stroll out as a four piece tonight and kick into massive, riff hungry monster ‘Elijah‘; the epic closer from their new record. Combining their rock routes with a sassy, electro pop sheen, this is a perfect opener and the band seem straight into the show as Laura-Mary falls straight to the floor for her guitar solo. Two more bangers from the new record follow in ‘Bangsar‘ and ‘Howl‘, thrown out and swallowed whole by the crowd, before the band halve into the original two piece and get straight into the hits.

I think we get an 11 track run of solid gold smashes from the bands consistently solid back catalogue. One thing that’s cool to hear is the subtle changes with each record. We have the scrappy indie punk of ‘I Wish I Was Someone Better‘ from their debut, the anthemic grunge pop of albums two and three with tracks like ‘Light It Up‘ and ‘Lost Kids‘ before the beefy riff-rock album of four with ‘An Animal‘. You forget how timeless these records are and some of the choruses barely fit in the room, as the whole of Soup Kitchen mosh and shout along.

With the band expanding once again, the last part of the set brings out the poppier moments from ‘Get Tragic‘, like the groove-pop swagger of ‘Mexican Dress‘. The new material is greeted with such love from the crowd tonight and whilst I know some fans haven’t quite gotten into it yet, it really does sound massive live, bound to change minds whilst out on the road. But generally speaking, there is something for everyone this evening and it’s great to see the band genuinely having fun on stage with songs new and old. The word triumphant has been used a lot to describe Blood Red Shoes’ comeback and I’m pleased to say that this is definitely the case with tonight’s set. Welcome home.

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