Exclusive: Stream ‘Proto Tekno’ – The new album from Kooba Tercu!

Tell you what, in this line of work you’re subjected to a torrent of hyperbole. That being said, the blurb to accompany the new Kooba Tercu record really did the trick for me, describing the outfit located across Athens, Crete and London as “existing at a psychic intersection between the ruins of crumbling infrastructure and an intimidating future”. Really sets you up to hit play on their new album ‘Proto Tekno’which you can do via our exclusive stream below!

Led by band leader Johnny Tercu, the band shares members with the likes of Casual Nun and Echo Canyon, their sound flitting between METZ-esque raucous, fuzzy noise-rock (opener ‘Benzoberry‘) to lengthy, pulsating psych journeys (‘Qasan‘). The multi-man outfit excel at building layer upon layer of noise – One can only imagine the live show (remember them?) is a total blast.

As with every noisy release that tickles our fancy, Wayne Adams of Bear Bites Horse had a hand in the production, mixing the majority of the album. Recording took place at Ilion Plus, with additional recordings by Emmanouil Sarantidis at K1923 studio.

‘Proto Tekno’ is out this Friday via Rocket Recordings – Pre-order yourself a copy here (on ‘White and Blue Galaxy’ Vinyl perhaps?)

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