UK Exclusive: WATCH Part Chimp hypnotise in a new video for ‘Drool’


Words: Andy Hughes (Photo Credit: Brian Whar)

We have always been on the verge of a sonic calamity.” Suggests Part Chimp guitarist and vocalist Tim Cedar, elsewhere describing the leg-end(ary) outfit as “the stupid amounts of fun you can have with very loud amps, stupid tunings, weird pedals and weird people.

When we last spoke of Part Chimp, we quite rightly suggested that ‘Back From The Dead‘, lead single from their forthcoming new album, is “a proper face-melter” and makes one long for “the return of sweaty basement shows“. There’s quite a lot of big chat goes on about Part Chimp, but then what can you expect when you can’t hear yourself think?

Having mesmerised us with spooky zombie visuals on the aforementioned ‘Back From The Dead‘, on title track ‘Drool‘ it’s all about double measures (‘I’m seeing double here – four Part Chimp‘s!’) The hypnotic visuals were put together by Chris Spalton, previously seen on these very pages for the brilliant piece that was ‘U Cowboy‘ for Hey Colossus. See for yourself – we’re chuffed to share an exclusive first look on thee UK internet of the latest Part Chimp video below!

A proper crushing effort, this latest knee-buckler is taken from the band’s fifth album of the same name, ‘Drool‘ – rumoured to be their best thus far – due for release via Wrong Speed Records (UK) and Learning Curve (US) on June 11th!

The album was written in a fortnight, with recording taking place near enough over the course of a single day between various studio stints in London, New York and Somerset. Forget double drummers, here you’ll find two bass players. An album of firsts, having released four albums via Rock Action Records, this is their first via Wrong Speed. It’s also the first to feature a guest vocalist (Tim Farthing on ‘It’s True Man‘). Sort yourself out – pre-order a copy today!

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