What’s On Michael Portillo’s iPod – End of Year: Sam Grant (Rubber Oh, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs)

Here at Birthday Cake For Breakfast, we like to get to the heart of what an artist is all about. We feel the music they listen to is just as important as the music they make.

In the struggling year of our lord 2021, we’ve had all sorts talk to us about inspirations, including the likes of MaybeshewillSugar HorseAlbertine Sarges and Sweeping Promises!

With the year coming to a close, we’ve decided to once again turn it on its head a bit and ask some of our favourite artists what releases they’ve been raving about this year. With that in mind, off the back of a big tour across the UK with Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and announcing new project Rubber Oh, we’re chuffed to have Sam Grant take some time out to talk us through his favourite releases from the past 12 months.

Djinn’s album Transmission
(Rocket Recordings)

This is a gorgeous album out on the same label as Pigs x7 and Rubber Oh, Rocket Recordings. I had the video pop up for the first single, Love Divine, one morning in February, listened to it and immediately stuck a pre order on the album. It’s a beautifully textured fog of a record, that goes on sonic journeys, effortlessly carrying you along. It’s deep and rich tonally, and finds spaces of rhythm and grooves that are magic.

Part Chimp’s album Drool
(Wrong Speed)

These guys don’t need much introduction I don’t think. They’re so good at sitting in that spot on the Venn diagram where tonality and melody meets heavy – one of the best in the country maybe. And their new record keeps pushing that further. The opening track is a monster.

Voka Gentle’s album WRITHING!
(Leafy Outlook)

I’m maybe breaking the rules here including this, as I mixed and co-produced the record. But I hope that just gives the recommendation further credence – as I was able to see, first hand, from start to finish, the creative minds of these guys at work. The record, in my opinion, should be featuring heavily on end of year lists, and offers some of the broadest, most creative music crossing over so many different spheres of influence. All while holding on to a strong identity of its own. It’s a hell of a record these guys created.

Beak> – Oh Know

I’m pretty sure I did a similar list for BCFB (he definitely didEd) a while back and included Beak> in that one as well. So I guess this is the start of a tradition… This release was just a single, but it’s every inch the sonic and vibe of Beak’s output that I love. The tonal pallet of their music is at times faultless, and draws you into another world like no other.

Richard Dawson & Circle’s album Henki
(Domino Recording Co.)

I’m breaking the rules again, as I tracked Richard’s vocals for this record, but it’s undeniably an absolutely brilliant record. Combining two loves – in Richard Dawson’s unique vocal timbre and melodic aptitude, and Circle’s brilliantly stylised experimental rock nuance – it’s a collaboration that creates something both super unique, and also perfectly at home in each others respective strengths. It’s also a flora based album, which is worth mentioning.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs very recently put out ‘Hot Stuff’ (feat. The Lovely Eggs), raising funds for Pop Recs in memory of Dave Harper (which guitarist Adam Sykes talked to us about here). New project Rubber Oh just had its first single out too – ‘Little Demon‘ – which you can find here!

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