EP Review: Verse Metrics – We’ll Be Listening and Remembering Until We’re Old and Unsteady

Review from Ben Forrester

Review from Ben Forrester

I love Scotland. I’ve had quite an obsession with the place from a young age, particularly the alt-rock music scene up there. I just don’t think anyone can write passionate, atmospheric rock songs quite like the Scots. Glaswegian outfit Verse Metrics have been about for the best part of six years now but have only just managed to slip onto my radar, and man am I glad they have! Their beautiful brand of groove driven indie-rock, complete with expansive post-rock tones, has kept them in good stead over a platoon of single and EP releases, but with this latest EP, they’ve really stepped things up a notch.

In very post-rock fashion, they’ve gone for the poignant yet lengthy title ‘We’ll Be Listening and Remembering Until We’re Old and Unsteady‘ and this is four tracks and 20 plus minutes of spell bounding alt-rock.

This Is Your Captain Speaking‘ opens up the record, acting as a perfect example of what this band do; engaging you immediately with a locked into groove that escalates into a pool of effect heavy guitars and driving drum fills. This is pretty much how the rest of the EP goes – initially sinking into sumptuous melodies like in the intro of ‘Unicorn/Show Ponies‘ then building into glorious washes of widescreen guitars with a pummelling drum track underneath like ‘Interlocater‘. Vocalist Bob Dick spell bounds throughout with a dynamic vocal range, earnest and passionate wrapped in a warm Scottish drawl.

The EP closes on another lengthily titled track ‘My Name Is Dr Hildegarde Lanstrom and I Am Quite, Quite Mad‘, which is a truly awe-inspiring closer. The build here is a lot more gradual, which makes for a particularly spectacular crescendo which is utterly beautiful! It’s the kind of song that stops you in your tracks. It’s reflective yet progressive in its lyrics and makes for a moving end to a perfect journey.

Verse Metrics have made a record that really hits you square in the heart. Its melodies are rich and its delivery is sincere. Showing off it’s gorgeous post-rock jacket, ‘We’ll Be Listening…” is sure to soundtrack your winter.

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