Album Reviews: 2014 – 2016

Enemies – Valuables

Hen Party – Glitter Sweats

Black Surf – Let’s Pretend It’s Summer | デラックスエディション

Verse Metrics – We’ll Be Listening and Remembering Until We’re Old and Unsteady


Vogons – The Ocular Theft Of Other Peoples Wonderment

Adam Betts – Colossal Squid

Young Legionnaire – Zero Worship

Nova Hands – R-EP

INTO MY PLASTIC BONES – A Symbolic Tennis Pot

Tigercub – Abstract Figures In The Dark

TOY MOUNTAINS I Swore I’d Never Speak of This Again

CaStLeS – Fforesteering

Totorro – Come To Mexico

Black Marble – It’s Immaterial

Mums – Land Of Giants

God Damn – Everything Ever

Cattle – Nature’s Champion

Preoccupations – S/T

The Hyena Kill – Atomised

Cleft – Wrong

Godzilla Black – Press The Flesh

Cleft – BOSH!

Kusanagi – They Will Come Back For You…