What’s On Michael Portillo’s iPod – End of Year: Petbrick

Here at Birthday Cake For Breakfast, we like to get to the heart of what an artist is all about. We feel the music they listen to is just as important as the music they make.

In 2019 we’ve had all sorts talk to us about inspirations, including the likes of International Teachers Of Pop, Working Men’s Club, WARMDUSCHER and Die! Die! Die!

With the year coming to a close, we’ve decided to turn it on its head a bit and ask some of our favourite artists what releases from this year they’ve been raving about. With that in mind, we’re chuffed to have producer extraordinaire and noise-maker Wayne Adams of Petbrick talk us through their favourite releases from the past 12 months.

(Photo Credit: Felipe Pagani)

Kali Malone’s album The Sacrificial Code
(iDEAL Recordings)

Something Iggor (drummer from the Petbrick project we do together) switched me onto whilst we were on tour together. Usually when I’m touring I’m looking for music that suits a mood whilst travelling, and I found myself going back to this a lot. Landing in the drone/neo classical crossover territory, super meditative, stunning pieces!”

Beak>’s Life Goes On EP
(Invada Records/Temporary Residence)

I love anything Beak> put out, so had to put this in the list, also in a way, because of my day job I find myself gravitating towards shorter releases these days, as I’ll get through the whole thing whilst I’m travelling and can really get to know the tunes!”

Deafkids’ album Metaprogramacao
(Neurot Recordings)

I think this is the only “heavy” album that will make my list, it’s incredible, a absolute mind melter, and the guys from Deafkids absolutely have their own sound, dare I say this is probably the most original sounding heavy music I’ve heard in a long time! There were absolutely loads of heavy records I wanted to include but most I recorded…. haha, when you record music everyday you end with a very strange relationship with it, so of course I have these super tight relationships with these albums, in a way I get emotionally tied to a lot of them, so I thought it best to leave all of them out so it didn’t look like a weird promotional advert, haha!”

Alessandro Cortini’s album Volume Massimo
(Mute Records)

Again this is someone that I find I love everything they create, these are really beautiful pieces of ambient electronic music, his melodies are so stunning, and his ability to keep the music moving, whilst somehow only working with one very simple idea per piece and not sounding like he’s going over the same territory over and over again, it’s a very fine line he rides and does it perfectly.”

Boards of Canada’s Peel session
(WARP Records)

Okay this was recorded in 1998, and released (again??) this year! It’s from the most exciting period of the whole Braindance/IDM period in my mind… it just has a sound that I adore, not over polished, or over produced – or over complex. It sounds like the technology it was composed with in a way. All the Warp/Reflex people at this time were pushing what was possible with electronic music, so you can hear the ideas and the sonics developing and evolving with each release from this era, almost like you’re on a journey of discovery with the artists. I’m not sure we will ever have that again with electronic music, so I love going back to these releases and being able to hear it!”

I – the hard-hitting debut album from Petbrick – is out now through Rocket Recordings! Read our review here why dontcha!

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